More luminous intensity with the same wattage

Halemeier Versa Inside - LED strip lights for interior design

Light is increasingly used as a design element in the furniture industry, interior decoration, catering industry, but also in private households. It sets accents and creates a stylish ambience. For this reason, Halemeier has further developed its well-known and popular Versa strip lights.

What is Halemeier Versa strip lights?

You will find in the category Halemeier Versa Inside a range of products with different wattage and light intensity, as well as different lengths. As the name Inside suggests, these are strip lights designed for accent lighting in living areas. The light is generated by LEDs. It is very efficient and can be integrated into furniture and accessories such as mirrors or pictures. Besides different wattage and light intensity, you can also choose between different light colours. Depending on the model, Versa Inside luminaires provide light that can range from extra warm white to cool white.

What are the general advantages of Halemeier Versa Inside strip lights?

The strip lights operate extremely efficiently. Depending on the model, they produce a luminous flux of up to 1,200 Lm/m while consuming significantly less energy than other types of luminaires. Since we at Halemeier use quality material, the average life of the LEDs is 40,000 hours of operation. Assuming the strip lights are in operation 12 hours a day, they will provide light day after day for more than 9 years. Since Halemeier Versa Inside strip lights are self-adhesive and can be cut to size, installation is relatively easy. The lights are offered in different lengths, luminous intensity and wattage. They are universally applicable and certified for protection class IP 20. Another advantage is the low installation height of the strip lights.

What makes the new Versa Inside strip lights stand out?

Halemeier has revised the category and improved the complete range to significantly improve light efficiency compared to previous models. Key improvements include:

  • A 30 percent more even distribution of light along the entire length.
  • A 30 percent increase in efficiency.
  • The new Versa Inside strip lights provide 30 percent more light than previous models.
  • Despite improved light intensity, the power consumption (wattage) remains unchanged compared to previous models.

Halemeier: Your reliable partner for industry, retail trade and processors

The modern and efficient luminaires of our company put your furniture, sales or representative rooms in the right light. Strip lights of the Versa Inside range are the right choice for interior decoration. They can be easily integrated into a wide range of furniture and decorations, and are an excellent complement to other Halemeier luminaires for room lighting. They provide light efficiently and where it is needed. In our assortment you will find strip lights of different length, wattage, light intensity and colour temperature.

If you would like individual advice, please feel free to contact us. Halemeier is happy to provide friendly and expert advice on all questions relating to light.