Magic by HALEMEIER will delight your customers: This product range has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the carpentry trade. All lights can be easily integrated into furniture design and and impress with their ease-of-use.

On top of this we offer a special service that will have your clients excited: Each product can also be delivered as an individual piece - even those made to measure.

Our service for you

PDon't miss our training sessions and specialist counselling. We will provide you with valuable ideas and techniques to boost your sales. And if you consider an informative catalogue as integral part of your marketing mix we are happy to assist you in its design. By further providing interfaces to connect with your own ERP system we pave the way for smoothly aligning logistical processes between our company and yours if you are in fittings or electronics wholesale.

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Light focus at the point of sale

The Halemeier TowerCube and BaseCube are the perfect tools to showcase our lights. They enable your customers to experience light directly at the point of sale and choose solution that is right for them. Simply slide the LichtBoard into the upper or lower hook until it snaps in – and the luminaire is instantly lit. Lights can be appreciated to their full effect, allowing for comparison under real installation conditions.

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