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MultiSwitch² Touch sensor switch    Art.: 3015401

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Product benefits

Sensor with dimming function for mounting or screwing

Connection of 1 up to 4 identical sensors to a Master unit

With built-in orientation LED

Product characteristics


Soft ON/OFF function (soft-start when power Switching on/off only with 12/24 Volt DC)

Memory function for power failure

Dimming function can be switched off"


As touch button with dimming function

As on/off switch as well as toggle switch

  • For other sensors, see other pages
  • As individual switch (see LED Touch)
  • No dimming function with 230 V and MultiWhite
Surface : aluminium look
Test mark : CE.jpg UK.jpg SK3.jpg MM.jpg
Supply lead : 3000 mm

Dimensional drawing

Assembly drawings

MultiSwitch² Master unit, 230 Volt AC
MultiSwitch² Master unit, 12 Volt DC
MultiSwitch² Master unit, 24 Volt DC
MultiSwitch² Master unit, 12 Volt DC for MultiWhite
Extension lead MultiSwitch², 3000mm