Switching technology » Repeater for LED dimmers and switches, 12 Volt DC

Repeater for LED dimmers and switches, 12 Volt DC    Art.: 3026307

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Article number Voltage
3026308 24 Volt DC
3026307 12 Volt DC

Product benefits

Inexpensive control of large outputs

Easy to install

Can be combined with many different remotes and dimmers

Product characteristics


Any number of repeaters can be connected in parallel in order to achieve the desired overall performance . Each repeater requires a control signal from the dimmer/switch and sufficient ballast power to control the connected luminaires"

  • Works with all Halemeier PWM dimmers
  • Works with MultiSwitch²
  • Not combinable with dimmable electronic ballast
  • Not combinable with Smart.home
Surface : white
Operating voltage :12 Volt DC
Max. switching power : 36 W
Test mark : CE.jpg UK.jpg SK3.jpg MM.jpg
Supply lead : 600 mm
Lead connector : M1
Switching lead : 150 mm
Switching lead connector : M1

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