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S-Mitter Smart Set 24 Volt DC    Art.: 3111201

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Article number Design
3111401 Remote control
3111101 Set 12 Volt DC
3111201 Set 24 Volt DC
3111301 Set 230 Volt AC

Product benefits

5-channel wireless switch and dimmer

Comfortable light switching

Can be integrated in a smart home

Product characteristics

Memory function in case of power failure

Storage of up to 4 light scenes

Remote control and smart receiver are programmed in the set

Set works independently or in the smart home network

  • Set consists of S-Mitter Smart Remote Control and 1 channel Smart Receiver
  • 230 Volt AC receiver can only on/off switch, not dim
  • The Smart.home overview shows how our switch systems can be combined with each other and with third party providers
Surface : black
Operating voltage :24 Volt DC
Max. load : 120 W
Test mark : CE.jpg UK.jpg SK3.jpg MM.jpg
Supply lead : 160 mm
Lead connector : MP2
Switching lead : 160 mm
Switching lead connector : MP2

Dimensional drawing

Assembly drawings

Smart Receiver 12 Volt DC
Smart Receiver 24 Volt DC
Smart Receiver24 Volt DC - 4 Channel
Smart Receiver 230 Volt AC
Extention set 12 Volt DC 30W
Extention set 12 Volt DC 60W